AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - 80-year-old Nury Mustafa and his 7- year-old grandson have got the roof over their heads: the temporary housing is put at their disposal, the 1+1 TV Channel informs.
The homeless are given a temporary housing in Aqmescit and soon they are promised to have permanent residence.
“Mr. Nuri is a man of renown now. From all over the Simferopol people come to see him. People from different regions of Ukraine want to help the homeless old man and his grandson proposing them clothes, foodstuff and stationery. After all, the boy goes to school this year. More to say, there are several houses and dacha in Simferopol, where they can possibly live”, - the 1+1 reports.
servants of the social service tried initially to take off the boy from his grandfather but then they found a temporary habitation for the homeless family: a small room in a private house, where they can take a shower and cook food.
Little by little, happy grandfather makes their room more comfortable. Old man and his grandson will live at the temporary habitation during two month. At the end of this period clerks will to find them a permanent residence as promised.
It would be noted that 80-year-old Nury Mustafaiev and his 7- year-old grandson lived outdoor till recently.