BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAY (QHA) - On June 14, a significant event in the cultural life of Crimea took place in Bağçasaray, Days of the Lithuanian Republic; the event timed to coincide with the beginning of the Lithuanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union, the press service of the Crimean historical museum "La Richesse" reports.

The event was officially opened on the territory of the Devlet Saray historical and cultural complex, in the conference hall of the Crimean historical museum "La Richesse"; it was attended by the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation Mustafa Cemil, the first deputy chairman of the Majlis, the president of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars Refat Çubar, Head of the Bağçasaray raion state administration İlmi Umer, Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic Daiva Dapsiene.

Welcoming speech was delivered by the founder and director of Crimean historical museum Güliver Altin, as well as by all the members of the presidium.

After the inauguration, the wide range of viewers was presented a photo exhibition of the famous Lithuanian artist Gintaras Cesonis titled "Episodes from the Life of Lithuanian Tatars", which was commented by Doctor Adas Jakubauskas.

A watercolor "Construction of the Mosque in the city of Kaunas" from the museum's own funds, created in the 1930s, was presented to the assembled by the deputy director of the museum Ulviye Abla.

The presentation was followed by a flower-laying ceremony at the monument of the Great Crimean Tatar Educator İ. Gaspralı. The director of the research centre of the Crimean historical museum Nariman Abdulvahap told the attendees of the historical role of the largest publisher, writer and social activist of the Muslim world.

The people present at the event watched with great interest the film "I am a Descendant of the Tatar Murzas", which tells of the history, life, culture, religion of Tatars during more than six hundred years of their life in Lithuania. The film was produced and written by Leonid Glushaev and coauthored by Adas Jakubauskas.
The book "Lithuanian Tatars in History and Culture" was presented by one of the authors of the publication, an Associated Professor Adas Jakubauskas, Chairman of the Union of the Communities of Lithuanian Tatars, and a representative of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation in Lithuania. Co-authors of the book are Dr. Stanislav Dumin and Dr. Galim Satdykov.

"Meetings in Devlet Saray" – this is the name of the 1st meeting of the international club, which from now on will be held regularly in the Crimean historical museum "Devlet Saray"

All present were entertained by songs and dances performed by the children's ensemble "Ilsu" from Vilnius led by Almira Trakshelene for many years.

The official closing event was preceded by a presentation of gifts by the Lithuanian delegation, among which the most memorable was a unique culinary work of Lithuanian Tatars - a sweet layer cake, vaguely resembling the Crimean Tatar fulto.

Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation, the Head of the Bağçasaray raion state administration and Cultural Attache of the Embassy of Lithuania expressed their gratitude for the organization of a major event.

Attache stressed the importance of the cultural event that had taken place and expressed her hope for further fruitful cooperation with the Museum "La Richesse" and for strengthening of ties between Crimea and Lithuania.