AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - More than 500 hectares of lands are returned to the state. The majority of these lands are the coastal plots and lands of recreational purpose.
As the press service of the office of the Crimean public prosecutor informs, 511 hectares worth a total of 369 mln hrn are returned to the state thanks to their activities this year.
As results of consideration by the office of the Crimean public prosecutor 200 illegal decisions of local self-governments and the state power bodies are disaffirmed. The majority of land offences were found on the territories of Big Yalta, Kezlev/Yevpatoriya, Saq/Saky and Yedı Quyu/Lenino raions.
The public prosecutor’s office laid 37 criminal informations as results of its procuracy oversight. The lands were captured, they were allocated illegally. Infringers of the law even forged order documents.