Headstone installed on Refat Ametov’s grave

A bashtash (headstone) has been installed on the grave of Refat Ametov, a Crimean Tatar hero killed by the occupants in March 2014, in Simferopol’s Abdal cemetery.

5 October 2015 12:32

Members of the Culture and Mutual Assistance Society (derneka) of Crimean Tatars in the town of Kozhaeli (Turkey) and Refat Ametov’s brother have visited Refat Ametov’s grave and installed a headstone on it.

The inscription in Crimean Tatar engraved on the headstone reads:

“Untimely and tragically passed away,

Leaving his beloved children orphaned.

Laid down his life for his native country and people,

Having selflessly sacrificed his young life”.