MOSCOW (QHA) - Observer of the popular Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Galina Sapozhnikova decided to learn the situation that appeared around the presentation of the first Crimean Tatar movie “Haytarma” and scandalous statements and behaviour of the then Russian Consul General Vladimir Andryeyev.
İt would be recalled that the Crimean Tatar ATR Channel produced the first Crimean Tatar movie that narrates about the most tragic event in the history of the Crimean Tatar nation: the Deportation of May 18, 1944. The film tells about the legendary Crimean Tatar pilot, ace of the World War II, the Twice Hero of the USSR Amet-Han Sultan who became the eyewitness of the Deportation of his own people from Crimea by the Stalin’s regime.
The ATR Channel invited and brought several famous Russian pilots who were pupils or comrade-in-arms of Amet-Han Sultan. However, after insistent “recommendation” of the Consul General of Russia in Aqmescit V. Andryeyev, the guests (except one veteran) refused to participated in the presentation of the film. During the meeting with veterans the consul accused the whole Crimean Tatar nation of the mass treachery and collaboration with the Nazis. He repeated these accusations in his interview for the ATR Channel later.
“Russia was not able to be represented at the premiere screening of the movie that misrepresents the true about the Great Patriotic War… If it would be a serial that consists of 20 episodes and 17 of them would be about the feat of the Soviet people, Soviet soldiers, legendary pilots during the Great Patriotic War, two episodes would be about the collaboration of persons of the Crimean Tatar ethnicity with the Nazi occupants and the final episode would be about the tragedy of the Deportation and the crimes of the Soviet leadership, I could go to see this film”, - V. Andryeyev said in his interview for the ATR Channel.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has recognized that the statements by Russia's Consul General in Aqmescit Vladimir Andryeyev on collaboration of the Crimean Tatar nation with the Nazis during World War II were incorrect.
"The Russian foreign ministry said that they understand the strong reaction that the words of Andryeyev caused among the Crimean Tatars who staged a protest in front of the consulate. According to the diplomatic office, the Consul General did not take into account the painfulness of the topic and failed to cover it in a fairly balanced way," the report reads.
Unfortunately, the Russian journalist repeated again the old bugaboo of the Stalin’s historians and NKVD-men about 20 thousands of traitors, accomplices, Crimean Tatar battalions, etc. She contrived to cast a shadow even on the Amet-Han Sultan’s family when attributed them with the local policemen- collaborationists.
She asks himself: What happened with the Russian consul Andrryeyev? Why did he lose his temper and said before the TV camera what he said?
And Sapozhnikova answered himself: “Russia and the Russians are teased for all these years, putting out about the war one muck, then another one that has no more strength to keep themselves. We beat off – all and sundry but the metal fatigue affects: 25 years of continual attacks, lie, vulgarity, excrement-sliding that was sacred for your parents and grandparents. İt may even seem sometimes it was easily at the battlefront, at least, it was clear who are friends and who are enemy. Here everybody speaks in the same language but if you look into: there is an abyss”.