The commander of Georgian National Legion Mamuka Mamulashvili is the Chairman of the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts of Georgia. In those days, when Maidan only started, his team participated in the World Cup in Baku. It was then that he decided the winners should come out with the Ukrainian flags and publicly declare they support Ukraine’s freedom. This act caused a great stir as the World Cup was organized by the Russian Federation. Back then, the wrestlers realized that a war would break out in Ukraine since Russia’s policy is very predictable. While in Georgia, they started creating a military unit. However, its first weapon the Georgian National Legion captured only in the city of Donetsk.

In fact, the Legion is sabotage and reconnaissance group with currently it 16 individuals aged 27 to 39 years among its members. Some fighters have gone through several wars, participated in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Zurab from Rustaveli, a former career officer of the Georgian army, is the oldest one in the legion.

A chevron of the Georgian National Legion was worked out by the Legion Commander jointly with one of the first fighters Aleko Grigolashvili who has already passed away. The chevron depicts the wolf’s head. The "wolf" in Farsi is called Gyurdzhi. Hence the name of the country – Georgia, which means country of wolves.

Georgian National Legion maintains good relations with all our former volunteer battalions. Therefore, Mamuka and his Legion are very encouraged by the creation of the Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion named after Noman Çelebicihan.

- It is very positive that the battalion is being created. Today, Crimea, a part of Ukraine with Crimean Tatars being a main population, is occupied. Crimean Tatars can and must repel Russia, said Mamulashvili.