Sudak (QHA) -

XIII international knights’ festival ‘Genoese Halmet’ was held in Sudak. The festival, which is in the top 5 knights’ festivals in the CIS and Eastern Europe, gathered about 60 thousand spectators. 

For the whole month, the Genoese fortress in Sudak (Crimea) turned into a medieval town.The guests enjoyed more than 1000 re-enactments from participants from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Poland and France. 

The novelty of this festival was the expansion of historical time frames. This year the festival featured historical costumes and armor belonging to the III-XIX centuries.

“Each year the festival is held in quite a fast pace. This year more than 1250 people took part. Simultaneously, about 450 people participated in the scene,” said festival director Vladimir Boltunov.

The most popular part of the festival were stages of mass battles, during which guests observed a spectacular action with flying arrows, explosions and fires breaking out.






“The battle was very interesting with a lot of historical characters. They had Jack Sparrow, the Vikings…It is really spectacular to watch it live,” said Vladimir from Moscow.

“Everything was great. Next year I would like to participate too,” shared Maksim from Simferopol.


It is worth noting that participants of mass scenes played for free.

In the end, best participants were awarded.

During the festival, potters, smiths, embroidery and wood carving masters presented their pieces of art. Master classes were held.


Festival guests could take part in various medieval entertainments, such as archery and crossbow, throwing axes and daggers.


All who wish could be photographed wearing the armor. 

To be noted, for the first time "Genoese Helmet" was held in 2001. Then it was attended by 300 to 850 members of clubs involved in historical reconstruction.