(QHA) - Shale gas extraction in Ukraine threatens to pollute Russian rivers and water supply sources, Gleb Fetisov, leader of the Green Alliance–People’s Party movement said, informs Voice of Russia. Addressing protesters at an anti-shale gas rally in Belgorod 700 km south of Moscow, he spoke of the danger of shale gas extraction to the ecological security of Ukrainian and Russian regions adjoining gas drilling sites. Chemicals used in the shale gas extraction technology known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, are particularly dangerous as they pollutes subterranean waters and are damaging to the environment and human health. Up 300 tons of chemicals mixed with water and sand are pumped at high pressure into a borehole to create fractures from which gas is extracted. As reported earlier, Royal Dutch Shell company signed an agreement with Ukraine to explore the Yuzivska block, with gas extraction activities starting in 2015. The company has estimated 3-3.5 trillion cubic meters of gas in place. Along with conventional natural gas, the company plans to extract both shale gas, and tight gas.