Fund for Crimea Development of Ankara (Turkey) has arranged Kurban Bayram feast celebration in Crimean capital Simferopol. The event was attended by Muslims from all over Crimea.

Guests of the event were feasted on meals and sweets and entertained with a performance of Crimean Tatar artists.

Speaking to the guests, head of the Fund Umit Shilit congratulated everyone on Kurban Bayram, noting that the aim of his visit to Crimea was to celebrate the Bayram with Crimean Tatar sister nation in its difficult times. According to Shilit, a total of 650 cattle were sacrificed in all over Crimea.

Among the guests, there was also deputy head of Simferopol Mejlis office Talat Suleymanov.

“We gathered here today to celebrate together Muslim Kurban Bayram feast… there is a popular expression: If a finger is hurt, all the body hurts. That means that if a part of Muslim community feels bad, Muslims all over the world feel it. This event makes us feel the support of our brothers and unites the whole nation”- he said.

Note: Fund for Crimea Development (Kırım Gelişim Vakfı) was founded in 1998 by then President of Turkey Suleyman Demirel. The main purpose of the Fund is support of Crimean Tatar culture development as well as strengthening ties between Crimea and Turkey.