The issue of building morgues was discussed by the so-called Donetsk city authorities and the FSS (Russia’s Federal Security Service) during a meeting in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry reports. 

“It has been established that the FSS representatives held a working meeting with I.Martinov,"Mayor" of Donetsk, I.Ponomarenko, “Deputy Mayor” and A.Spivak "Prosecutor General" of so-called DPR, in Rostov-on-Don on April 4. The focus of the meeting was to prevent the leakage of information about the dead and wounded soldiers of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. During the meeting I.Martinov was given the task to organize the construction of facilities complex, including a DNA testing mobile laboratory arrived from Russia in Donetsk on March 9, for storage and identification of killed Russian servicemen bodies,” says the report.

According to intelligence reports, the morgue network will be located in an isolated area with limited admission. The "Mayor" of Donetsk shall bear personal responsibility for any information leakage.

“In accordance with the requirements of the Russian special services, such complex is to be located in an isolated area, with strict access control. Moreover, the "Mayor" I.Martinov shall bear personal responsibility for leakage of any information regarding the existing complex," Ukrainian intelligence reports.

Photo: Internet