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The founder of the Russian social network Vkontakte (dubbed the "Russian Facebook" by Western media) says his country's Federal Security Service demanded the personal information of Ukraine's Euromaidan organizers — and he refused to hand it over, Mashable news agency reports.

"On December 13, 2013 the FSB demanded from us to turn over the personal data of organizers of the Euromaidan protesters," Pavel Durov wrote in a post (English translation) on his VKontakte page on Wednesday.

"Our response has been and remains a categorical refusal — Russian jurisdiction does not extend to Ukrainian users VKontakte," he wrote. "Giving personal details Ukrainians Russian authorities would not only be against the law, but also a betrayal of all those millions of people in Ukraine who have trusted us."

Durov, 29, who has been called Russia's Mark Zuckerberg, resigned from his role as Vkontakte CEO on April 1, stating changes in ownership had put pressure on the company's founding ideals, including its support of users' right to freedom of speech — and those of the protesters in Ukraine.