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Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has called the director general of “Crimea Fund” charitable organization Riza Shevkiyev for questioning, which will take place Dec 17.

According to Shevkiyev, he will be questioned on the issue of personals of famous Crimean Tatar writer Cengiz Dagci, which were given to Shevkiyev’s “Crimea Fund” five years ago.

The personals of Dagci, who lived and died in London, were given to Crimean Fund by his Turkish friends, to open Dagci’s museum in Crimea.

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has already questioned Shevkiyev on this issue before.

“SBU has already questioned me on the issue. The issue has already been settled and the property of Dagci has been sealed up. Now, Russian FSB wants to question me, on the basis of Russian laws”- Shevkiyev said.

Note:Cengiz Dagci is regarded as the best novelist who described life in Crimea before the World War II and the misery of the Crimean Tatars had gone through.

He was born in Kiziltash, a village near Yalta. He spent his childhood under the Russian imperialism and had his primary education in his village and Simferopol. After finishing his secondary education in 1938, he went to Crimean Pedagogy Institute where he studied for two years.

Before finishing school, he was called for military service in 1940 and trained in a military school in Odessa. When Nazi-Germany attacked the Soviet Union, he was a tank lieutenant at the Ukrainian front. In 1941 he fell into the hands of Germans. He escaped from the prisoner camps when the Germans began retreating from the Russian front and sought asylum in Great Britain. In 1946, he settled in London together with his Polish wife.

In his novels, he describes the tough life of Crimean Turks between the years 1932-1945. He tells the tragedy of the people who tried to find a way out from the war between the German and Russian armies. His novels are significant in keeping the Crimean Tatar cause alive and communicating the message to large masses in Turkey.