A former school principal Olga Tymoshenko spoke on the control of educators in Crimea by the occupation authorities, reports Zerkalo Nedeli. According to her, the director monthly reports to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). 

-Life in Crimea is very complicated. If you do not sing the Russian anthem and odes to Putin, it is possible to lose work. The principals in their reports to the FSB are to write what they have heard from parents and teachers, tell who is against Russia and who supports Ukraine. We used to gather over tea in the library, but now not more than three persons can meet. Everyone is constantly suspected of rebellion or conspiracy against Russia, says Tymoshenko.

Crimean occupation authorities have opened two criminal cases against Olga Timoshenko, the former principal of the Ukrainian school in Crimea and now a teacher at one of Kiev schools.

- I was accused of allegedly having arrived in Yevpatoriya May, 9 and staged a terrorist attack, says the teacher.