Eugene Dvoskin, who was twice convicted of fraud in the United States and a small shareholder of Genbank JSC, which among the first banks entered the Crimean market, is currently one of the most influential bankers in Crimea, Bloomberg reports.

His first name is Eugene Sloutsker. In 1977, he moved with his family from Odessa to the United States. According to the American judicial archives, he was twice convicted and served time in prison for tax evasion and diesel fuel excise fraud in the 1990s. According to prosecutors and other lawyers associated with those cases, such fraudulent schemes were largely dominated by organized criminal groups.

In 2003, when Dvoskin had already returned to Russia, he was convicted in New York of stock fraud committed in the late 1990s. Most of the defendants in the case were convicted and sentenced to prison terms. Dvoskin is still wanted by police in connection with the case.

In 2013 he invested in Genbank. Now his ownership stake is 7.2%. Dvoskin holds the position of Vice-President, but in fact he runs the bank.

Photo: Internet