Ukrainian Foreign Ministry takes measures to prevent the mislabeling the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on maps (electronic and printed), as was the case with Larousse French publishing house, and launches a new project ‘Crimea on the World Map.’ But it can only be carried out by joint efforts with the community.

“However, for more complete information of such cases, we need your help. Each of you has at your disposal a number of maps both electronic and printed.  Please notify us, in case if you find incorrect display of Crimea on maps you use.
Recording these facts, we are going to refer to the central offices of the companies issuing these maps with the request to bring the map of Ukraine in compliance with the norms of international law and UN General Assembly resolution No. 68/262 of March 27, 2014, confirming the Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,” says a statement published on the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page. 

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry asks all concerned to send the information listed below to the address

1. Information on the product (name, language used, year of manufacture, date of map update).
2. Manufacturer of the product/map (name, country, central office).
3. Technical device that uses software (name, year, producer).
4. Other additional information about the product (for example, brand and production year of a navigator installed in the car, which displays the map of Crimea).

“Correct error! Crimea is Ukraine!” calls on the agency.