In Crimea, a businessman Mohamed Ali Sulaymanov initiated a flash mob "Viral subscription to the magazine" Armanchyk."

- For several days I have been mulling over one question: If Crimean Tatars are patriotic and socially active, why are our national publications dragging out a wretched existence? Aren’t we proud of our people? - We are proud! Don’t we love our language, culture and customs? – We love! Don’t we understand the importance of language and national publications? - We understand! Aren’t we passionate? – We are passionate?! So what's the deal? All the same, my dear friends ... The problem is about laziness, forgetfulness and putting away for later. I propose to "set asiade" these qualities and take part in the flashmob "Virus subscription to ARMANCHYK," wrote Mohammad Ali Sulaymanov.

According to him, the conditions are very simple, "Everyone who considers himself a patriot, who loves his people (practically) and worries about future generations, should subscribe to the magazine, bring a friend, inform about it in a newsfeed and pass a baton to a friend on a social network."

The flash mob organizer says the entrepreneurs can finance the subscription for orphans and poor children.

You can subscribe to the edition at: Simferopol City, Karl Liebknecht St., 14/16, in the nearest post office or ask your mailman for help. The one-year subscription costs 403 rubles 26 kopecks (6 issues).

The "Armanchyk" magazine is the first stage of the flashmob, the newspapers "Qırım", "Yany dyunya" and the magazine "Yildiz" will follow it.