On February 26, Facebook launched a flashmob dedicated to the Day of Crimean Resistance against Russian occupation. Every network user who wants to support the integrity of Ukraine can post a special user picture thus showing solidarity with Crimeans and the Crimean Tatar people.

Many Crimean and Ukrainian residents, representatives of public organizations, ministries and departments have already joined the flashmob.

Ukraine holds an information campaign "Crimea - it is Ukraine" and hosts a number of themed events both in the capital and in other cities. On February 26, the Day of the Crimean resistance against Russian occupation, Ukraine also holds an International Forum "There is no Ukraine without Crimea."

This day, Gromadsky TV Channel and "Channel 5" will  broadcast telethons. In addition the Ukrainian crisis media center will host a performance by Testimony Theater "Case of February 26" dedicated to dramatic events that took place during Russia’s occupation of Crimea in February 2014.

All Ukrainian schools will give lessons on the annexation of Crimea and civil resistance. The eyewitnesses of the occupation will tell children about the past and current life in Crimea, as well as relationship between self-proclaimed authorities and Ukrainian citizens.

Photo: Internet