Activists of female protest group Femen staged a protest in Paris against the French far-right National Front led by Marine Le Pen, which presented its candidates for European Parliament elections, Ukrinform reported.

"Our movement Femen has launched an international campaign against the spread of fascism in Europe," the protest group leader, Ukrainian Inna Shevchenko told reporters.

The protest that took place in front of the building where the National Front members held a press conference was attended by 22 Femen girls. The activists marched in front of the building, shouting "Marine - Fascist" and "Fascism Epidemic." Their bodies were painted with Nazi symbols and faces stuck with fake moustache similar to Adolf Hitler's. The Femen girls were not allowed to get inside the building, they were initially pushed back by police officers and subsequently detained.

A reminder that the ultra-nationalist National Front party was the only political force in France to support the annexation of Crimea by Russia.