Simferopol (QHA) -

21-year-old Crimean Gulshana Memetova gave birth to 3 babies at once, reports ATR TV Chanel.

“I am three times happier to have 3 babies, I thank Allah for that,” – shared her feelings young mother.

The doctors could not believe that being quite short and weighing only 47 kg, Gulshana would be able to bear triplets. Still the babies are born healthy and quite plump.

“It is very difficult to carry and give birth to triplets. But the most important thing for babies is to get home. Fortunately these guys will get home”, - said the doctor Tatyana Babych.

The mother named the newborns Umer, Nazly and Aishe.

Gulshana’s husband has left her when found out she was carrying triplets.

“I am too young for the family, especially with 3 children. I am not ready for that”, - quoted Gulshana her husband.

Gulshana’s mother will help her to raise the children. Gulshana will accept any financial aid.