Function “Select Your region of residence” became unavailable for Crimeans, reported Crimean Events. Neither Sevastopol, nor Crimea are on the list of Russian subjects. Thus, the ARC residents now have no possibility to order goods in care of their address.

The company hasn’t commented on its the decision yet.

Aliexpress Online Store is a part of the Alibaba Group holding. 34.4% of shares belong to the Softbank Japanese bank, 24% - Yahoo! US company.

Reminder: late 2014 the United States prohibited its companies to provide access to popular Internet services for Crimea’s residents. According to Barack Obama’s decree, the US must deny to Crimeans registration, downloading and product activation services.

Restrictions for the residents of the peninsula have already introduced by Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell, the world's largest domain name registrar GoDaddy Group, one of the world's largest freelance exchanges oDesk, Valve Corporation game developer, Amazon online store, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard payment systems and others.