The Federal Migration Service (FMS) of Crimea has started confiscating Russian passports from people with temporary residential registration on the peninsula. According to authorities, the passports were issued by mistake, as it impossible to check all wanting to get Russian passport in 2014 for residential registration, reported Kommersant.

The students suffered from this situation more than anyone else. One of the students of the Vernadsky University says the migration officers to have confiscated her passport, which had to be changed when she would have turned 20 according to the Russian law. The department spokesmen said it had place since the girl had temporary registration. All those who at the time of receipt of passports had temporary registration, for example, in the dormitory, also faced a similar problem.

At the beginning of the Crimea’s annexation a senior inspector on citizenship for Russian FMS Ilya Kirilov said that residing on the peninsula for more than 6 months is the basis for obtaining Russian citizenship and related documents

A lawyer from Simferopol Svetlana Piontkovskaya claims that it’s pointless to go to court on the issue of document withdrawal since the employees grant withdrawal certificates basing on the application forms for lost or stolen passports. Spokesmen of the Migration Service justify their actions referring to the law of the Russian Federation, under which only people registered on the territory of the peninsula can obtain citizenship.

22 students registered at the dorms have already stated such actions of the Federal Migration Service to have taken place. A student may be sent down from the university if failing to have the main identification document. Under the laws of the Russian Federation the forgery in enrollment may cause automatic dismissal from the university.