BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAY (QHA) - People of Bağçasaray are outrages by town authorities’ actions on illegal dump near Bağçasaray’s 6th micro-district of Khan-Çayır.

Yesterday on 15 July by agreement of town authorities the dump was treated by microbes. The problem lays in fact these actions were not submitted either to sanitary inspector of the rayon or to other instances responsible of people’s safety.

« Representatives of some company came to propose their production and free treatment of the dump. At 4 pm they doused it by 2 cubes of water and some liquid. Nobody knows how it will act; there are all the elements of periodic table. The town and its rayon should be interested. There should be some institution responsible of our health during such experiments, anyway. » said the inhabitant.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector of Bağçasaray rayon Larisa Bonyna confirmed the fact that the actions were not agreed with her. «We weren’t informed about this fact. I wasn’t present at the conference and haven’t seen the documents, so our instance wasn’t on it.

Mrs. Bonyna added letter of inquiry was sent to state administration to comment the situation. “We may set up a commission and will make a decision”, - she said.

According to activists, deputies of town administration were present at dump at that time. Correspondents of QHA ask the representatives of town administration, but they didn’t comment the situation.