QHA - Expeditions on Mount Everest will be more closely monitored than before from next year, reports BBC. According to Nepalese officials, a government team will monitor and help expedition teams, coordinate rescues and protect the environment, being located at the base camp. The move follows embarrassing incidents on the slopes of the world's highest peak, including a fight between sherpas (an ethnic group in eastern Nepal) and mountaineers. “A need for a permanent government mechanism at the Everest base camp will regulate mountaineering activities,” - claimed the chief of the tourism industry division that oversees mountaineering Purna Chandra Bhattarai. As Bhattarai reported from next year's spring climbing season, the team at base camp will represent the government's administration on the ground. Observers say it was getting difficult to regulate mountaineering activities from the capital, Kathmandu. “When there is the presence of the government on the ground, the message 'violating the law is punishable' becomes clearer,” he said.