An operator of the Crimean ATR TV Channel Eskender Nebiev has been taken into custody before the hearing. The trial to be held on Monday.

Eskender Nebiev was arrested April 22, 2015 on charges of involvement in the riots on February 26 last year. He spent two months in a jail before being bailed by Emirali Ablaev, a spiritual leader of Crimean Muslims.

Eskender’s father is the main suspect in the shooting of two doctors at the "ambulance" station in Simferopol. 55-year-old Bekir Nebiev has already been sought for two weeks.

Nebiev family wrote an open letter to the relatives of those killed, which reported that they provide full assistance in finding out Bekir Nebiev’s whereabouts. They also ask not to seek political motive for the incident as "this is a crime committed by one person against the other people, without political, provocative or national subtext."

Yesterday on his Facebook page Eskender wrote that his family is subjected to daily interrogations by law enforcement officers because of the act committed by the head of the family. According to Eskender, the investigation does not rule out a possibility that the family can hide Nebiev’s father. “But this is impossible, I do not want even to explain,” wrote Eskender.