On the World Refugee Day, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Guarantor of the country which so far has taken in the largest number of refugees, appealed to the world calling for justice. Every year, this problem is getting worse due to the new conflicts, civil wars, natural disasters and human rights violations, Erdogan said at the beginning of his speech.

According to the Turkey's President, today as well as throughout the history, the refuge issue is one of the most important among humanitarian crises. More than 65 million people have been forced out due to the aggression that occurs all over the world:

- Millions of people living in appalling conditions in such countries as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya, suffer from the clashing interests of individual groups and try to deal with xenophobia and discrimination. The main political and social commitment of the international community is to ensure a decent life for refugees. Otherwise, the efforts by Turkey and other countries will not be enough to tackle the problem. Turkey, which at every step stands against the inaction of the international community, takes in about 3 million refugees and is doing everything possible to ensure decent living standards for them. I wish the World Refugee Day will remind the world about the responsibility and duty of conscience.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Binali Yildirim, who visited a refugee camp in Gaziantep, joined Erdogan. The Prime Minister posted to Twitter the photos with smiling children and a small caption:

- Regardless of the linguistic, religious and racial differences, we lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. We will always be with them. We have not been and won’t be deaf to the requests for help sounding from all over the world. Because we are a hope. Because we are Turkey.

On the International Refugee Day June, 20 the UN High Commissioner for Refugees published an official report on the worldwide displacement in 2015. Due to the conflicts of different scale and human rights violations the number of people who have been forced to leave their homes has reached a record level that's 65.3 million people, with almost half of them being children. The greatest influx of refugees is from Syria (4.9 million), Afghanistan (2.7 million) and Somalia (1.1 million).

Photo: Internet