According to Aishe Nimetullayeva, a volunteer spearheading a fundraising drive, an operation that can save the girl’s life costs RUB 250 thousand.

“At 4, this little angel should be running and hopping around, watching cartoons and blabbering something in her kiddy language… But she can do none of that. She has seen nothing but the walls of her hospital ward. Emina suffers from a heart disease, epilepsy attacks, cerebral palsy and kidney disorder. That’s too much a 4-year kid can bear… Her parents are desperate. A heart surgery that can alleviate her sufferings costs RUB 250 thousand, so I urge everyone to donate as much as they can, be it RUB 50, RUB 100, RUB 150 or RUB 200. Together we can do it! Let’s save Emina’s heart!” writes the volunteer.

You can donate by using these credentials:

RNKB Bank, a/n 6054 7000 6802 1697

Qiwi +7 978 845 19 38