Eldar Ryazanov, a famous film director, has been admitted to a Moscow hospital after a heart attack, Life News reports.

After being examined by the ambulance team, Ryazanov was taken to one of Moscow’s hospitals where he was diagnosed with heart attack.

In late August, the 87-year old film director underwent a heart bypass operation that lasted several hours at the Bakulev hospital in Moscow. He got discharged from the hospital after the doctors found him to be making steady progress toward recovery.

Eldar Ryazanov, a Soviet and Russian film director, screen writer, actor, teacher, TV host and film producer, has gained fame for his movies ‘Zigzag of Luck’, ‘Pensioners’ Heist’ , ‘Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia’, ‘Irony of Fate or Hope You Enjoyed Your Bath’, ‘An Affair at Work’ and ‘Two at a Train Station’. These and other movies earned him a title of the People’s Artist of the USSR.