In Aqmescit/Simferopol, education establishments will be repaired at the expense of the city budget. This decision was made on the 65th session of the Simferopol town council.
 According to the Chief of the Department of budget, finances and economics Mrs. Tetyana Kukhteyeva, funds from the city budget in total sum of 2.703.580 hryvnias will be allocated for complete overhaul of asphalt coat in 2nd, 13th, 16th schools, 47th and 60th kindergardens, and in 3rd school-lyceum as well. Also funds in sum of 426.872 hryvnias will be spent for complete overhaul of easting establishments in 30th, 14th, 15th and 3rd schools, 227.624 will be allocated for bathroom units repair.
 Tetyana Kukhteyeva also mentioned that there is a necessity for extra funds for repair of the Vasylchenko’s children library building (about 33.000 hryvnias).