SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Recent events in Taksim Gezi Park, Turkey, should have not been compared with the ‘Arab Spring’; Ukrainian media gave too much attention and importance to them, said head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev in an interview to “Den”, informs Mejlis press service. “I think that events in Gezi Park in Istanbul were overstressed by Ukrainian media. Such kinds of events- demonstrations, protests, clashes with the police occur rather often in many countries of the world. Also, it was quite inappropriate to compare these events with the ‘Arab Spring’. We can agree that police acted quite tough, which led to human losses. The country’s authorities recognized that. I believe, that thorough investigation will be held and the guilty be brought to justice”, said Dzhemilev. At the same time, Dzhemilev notes that these events will not prevent the development of relations between Turkey and Ukraine. “I am sure that these events will in no way affect friendly relations between our countries. Also, volume of trade between Turkey and Ukraine is steadily moving to 20 billion USD a year”, adds Dzhemilev. In the interview Dzhemilev also expressed support to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, noting that during the years of his governance we observe vigorous social and economic development in Turkey. As informed, massive protests in Istanbul began after the decision of authorities to cut down the Gezi Park and replace it with a shopping mall. Cutting down the trees began in the evening of May 27, 2013. In response to these actions, protesters gathered in the park to prevent its liquidation. After peaceful protesters were harshly dispersed by police, protests became more numerous and spread to other cities in Turkey. The opposition demanded not only to preserve Gezi Park, but to dismiss the government as well. During the clashes with the police throughout Turkey, four people were killed and about eight thousand- injured.