Experts from Donetsk Institute announced results of the expertise they conducted in regard of the book “Memory book of Eastern Crimea. Asked to remember” by Vladimir and Maria Shirshov. According to the expertise, the book doesn’t contain statements inciting inter-ethnic hatred. Head of Kirovskiy district Mejlis Ekrem Abdulvatov said this to QHA news agency. “The expertise suggests that the book has no statements or even words inciting interethnic hatred. In fact, we didn’t expect a different result from Donetsk Institute,” said Abdulvatov. However, head of Kirovskiy district Mejlis said that they will not stop having just one expertise conducted but will seek the truth through the court. According to him, they will consult professional lawyers through Central Mejlis in Simferopol. Also, Abdulvatov suggested that after getting results of Donetsk expertise, the ban to disseminate Shirshov’s book, which was imposed on August 10, may be removed and the book, containing xenophobic statements will again be given out to libraries of the district. As reported by us earlier, a book called “Memory book of Eastern Crimea “Asked to remember” by Vladimir and Maria Shirshov that justifies deportation of the Crimean Tatar people from Crimea in 1944 was published in Kirovskiy district of Crimea on the district’s budget funds. According to its authors, Vladimir and Maria Shirshovs, the book should attain the status of a textbook. With that purpose, the book was disseminated in schools and libraries of Kirovskiy district. On August 12, during a protest meeting in Kirovskiy district it was decided to send the book for a legal expertise. The Crimean Prosecutor’s office sent the book to one of Donetsk Institutes.