ISTANBUL (QHA) - QHA managed to contact with the attending doctor of Hayser Cemil from Istanbul Dr. Yasin Genç in order to ask him about mental condition of Hayser Cemil.
İn particular, Dr. Y. Genç told their patient had the thought disorder, paranoia, detachment from the real world. “We are calling this as the psychosis. This disease is treated with medications, but it can come back if a treatment is interrupted or for the wrong drug intake. Psychosis as diabetes mellitus too is a chronic disease. When the drug intake is stopped, the disease comes back and a patient may see hallucinations, misjudge the situation”, - Dr. Genç said.
The psychiatrist considers Hayser should be examined in the first place. “It is not correct to imprison him. The mental hospital will examine him and, maybe, he will be there until his condition is not stabilized”, doctor thinks.
Dr. Genç stressed, by experience, he will have to take medicines by the end of his days after that.
He told the special commission of experienced psychiatrists is created in such cases in Europe. This commission should examine a patient and give to the medical assessment. According to this medical assessment, the court decides about criminal responsibility of this person.
The doctor is sure Hayser should be in the prison under observation of the psychiatrist. He thinks the imprisonment of Hayser can enhance his paranoia. “Conditions of a prison influence negatively even to healthy man. Hayser will suffer greatly from in prison”, - Dr. Genç assured.