Dnipropetrovsk region has already paid money for detention of eight separatists, by USD 10,000 for each,Ukrinform reports.

Deputy head of the national defense headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk region Mykhailo Lysenko confirmed this information to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

"11 persons suspected of separatism were delivered so far at all the checkpoints in the area: six were arrested in Donetsk region, four - in Luhansk region and one - in Kharkiv region. All of them are citizens of Russia," Lysenko said.

According to him, during checking of the detainees, it was not without fraud: under the guise of a "saboteur" people have tried to pass his friend to the checkpoint for money, a citizen of Russia, who has no relation to the separatists. Now, information is verified about another several detainees. There are no data on payments for surrendered weapons yet.

To remind: April 17, the leadership of the Regional State Administration and the national defense headquarters in the region said they are offering a reward for the arrest of diversionists and release of administrative buildings, captured by pro-Russian forces.

For the detention of a "little green man" and handing him over to the patrol, USD 10,000 was promised, for each handed over unit of firearms - from USD 1,000 to USD 2,000, and for each vacated office building - USD 200,000.