(QHA) -

Russian journalist, head of media conglomerate ‘Rossiya Segodnya’ Dmitry Kiselyov has Crimean Tatar roots, he announced this during opening ceremony of “Marquee of Ramadan” in Moscow.

Delivering his speech in Crimean Tatar national hat, Kiselyov said the invitation to the event “struck a deep chord in his heart”.

Kiselyov assured that his great grand father fought in Sevastopol in 1855 [during the Crimean War,-ed.] and married a Crimean Tatar.

“My father respected the culture of Islam and brought me up in that way- Kiselyov said. I am an Orthodox, still it does not prevent me from noticing this traditional [for Russia,-ed] culture in me”- he added.

“Russia never experienced religious wars, and will never experience, I hope. It is an example for the civilizations and continents. Our Russian, home Islam is adornment of our common culture”- Kiselyov noted.

Mr Kiselev is a key figure in Russian, pro-Kremlin media. Apart from his role as TV anchor, he was appointed to head the new Russia Today news agency, whose mission is to further beef up the Kremlin's media presence around the world.

Kiselyov is the only journalist, who was targeted by EU sanctions - imposed in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea.