Today, the Kharkiv Crisis Information Center has hosted a press conference of Anastasia Bondarenko, Advisor to Minister of Social Policy in Kharkiv region.

The major theme of communication with journalists was the problem of internally displaced persons from the temporarily occupied territories. Particular attention was paid to the problems of displaced persons from Crimea.

Compared with the refugees from the Donbas, the displaced persons from Crimea face more problems with processing legal documents and requests to various public authorities. The Institute of Advisers under the Ministry of Social Policy has done a lot to facilitate the execution and restoration of Ukrainian documents for refugees from Crimea. 

Anastasia Bondarenko also cited statistics on the number of internally displaced persons in Kharkiv region.

According to official figures, there are 203,000 refugees, and according to the volunteer organizations - a little more than 100, 000. According to the statistics the number of displaced persons from Crimea is not high, but they exist and they need help.