Seran Kerimov, residing in the Crimean village of Sinekamenka (Koktash) is a disabled person of group II. He is engaged in volunteer activities, raises funds to reconstruct mosques and always races to the rescue of others. But now the time has come when he needs help.

Currently, Seran Bey lives in difficult conditions: jointly with his retired mother they live only on the disability pension in a dilapidated house. Good people help him renovate the house, and so far quite a bit has been left to do: to slate a roof, solve the bath’s problem, install linoleum flooring and two doors.

However, Seran Kerimov is indebted for works and building materials in the amount of RUB 79500, and he cannot pay off the debt himself.

We ask all concerned to help and support the disabled volunteer!

Phone: +79781286980 (Seran) Card account number RNCB Bank: 6054 7000 0656 6126 in the name of Kerimov Seran Ibrahimovich.

Transfers are available through: Unistream (RUSSIA), CONTACT, Leader - Ukraine, Oschadbank: it is necessary to say "transfer within Russia (Moscow, Rostov, Krasnodar without addresses)."

Photo: Facebook