A journalist of the German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Yuri Sieve apologized for using in Twitter a hashtag #crimeaisrussian, reported the website of the Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Facebook.

I want to make clear that in the course of my journalistic work I condemned Russia's annexation of the Crimea as it violates the international law. Unfortunately, the interview I made with RT (Russian TV channel -. Ed.) during my trip in July was not published in full, and therefore distorts my statements, reported the Agency citing Yuri Resheto’s statements.

The journalist apologized for his mistake. His statement has been published on the Deutsche Welle website.

This is my mistake and I am very sorry for that, wrote Yuri Resheto.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, in turn, stressed that Deutsche Welle has always supported Ukraine and constantly claims that Crimea is the Ukrainian territory illegally occupied by Russia.

Photo: Internet