Head of Crimean Tatar Association for Culture and Mutual Assistance of Turkey (Dernek) in Istanbul Celal Icten has appealed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication to ban certain air companies’ activity over their reported plans to launch direct Crimea-Turkey flights.

“NATO members, the EU, the United States, as well as various international organizations that opposed the illegal joining of Crimea to Russia, have imposed sanctions, which include the ban of all types of traffic to Crimea. Thus, in spite of the ban, some airlines are reportedly planning to launch direct flights to Crimea. Hoping that Turkey will support the sanctions against Russia, I appealed to Turkish President, Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication”- Icten wrote.

“We, the Crimean Tatars living in Turkey, hope that the authorities of Turkey will treat this issue very careful”- he added.

Crimean joined Russian Federation in March, he move which is not recognized by the West and Kyiv.

European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eurocontrol has banned European air companies flying to Crimea, following the region’s annexation.

Europe’s largest air company Turkish Airlines and other companies have suspended their work in Crimea.