September 11, 2015. Vitaliy Muschinin, the Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, shared his views regarding work of new experts in IDPs issues (internally displaced persons) presented at the Ukrainian House in Kyiv.

As Vitaliy Muschinin reports, the primary task for the advisors will be the provision of housing for displaced persons and resolution of other social issues both in Kyiv and regions. A total of 27 advisers have been chosen of 120 candidates by the Krym SOS civic organization: 18 women and 9 men. The average age of advisers 39 years: the youngest is 26 and the eldest is 54. Among the experts 10 persons have experience of working with government services.

The project is expected to be carried out for 9 months. Furthermore, the program provides for creation of operative groups monitoring the problems of displaced persons. So, the advisors are expected to act as mediators between IDPs and officials.

The main sponsor of the project was the British Embassy in Ukraine jointly with Stabilization Support Services international organization.