(QHA) -

Crimean Premier Sergey Aksyonov to sign a decree on creation department of Crimean Cossacks.

The department will not be a part of some ministry, but will submit directly to Crimea’s governor.

If the decree is signed, the cossacks will appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to create Tavrida military cossack community.

Following Crimea’s unification with Russia, the Cossacks submit to Russian federal law on “state service of Russian cossacks”, that allows them to conduct military service, protect the state borders and public order.

The ataman of “Glory and Freedom” NGO Aleksandr Palochkin to head the department of Crimean Cossacks.

It should be noted, there were never independent cossacks troops in Crimea.

“Independent cossacks troops never existed in Crimea. It was pointless to create such troops taking into account the territory and number of cossacks”- deputy ataman of Cossack troop of Kuban Konstantin Perenizhko said.