(QHA) -

Crimea residents with Ukrainian passports may cross Crimea-Ukraine border without hindrance. Crimeans, showing Russian passports, given by Russian Federal Migration Service will not be allowed on the territory of mainland Ukraine.

Representative of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine announced this to QHA correspondent.

Aliens and stateless individuals will be able to enter and leave the territory of Crimea by passport and special permission, that soon to be introduced, Ukraine Border Service informed. 

Those who enters mainland Ukraine without the special permission will be banned from entering Ukraine for 3 years.

The state border was set between Ukraine and Crimea on April 25, following Russian annexation of the region.

Crimea residents now have to take Russian passports.

It should be noted, that the passport is given by Russian Federal Migration Service, not by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so the document is available on the territory of Russian Federation only.