A Sevastopol resident fined 5 thousand Rubles for making flower beds near the block of flats she lived in, according to local information portal ForPost.

When she tried to appeal against the decision in the "Sevastopol City Court," she was told that she had "illegally occupied the land."

“The Sevastopol City Court rejected the complaint due to the fact that the land area around the apartment building is not surveyed, so the actual owner of the land is the city of Sevastopol. The owner's consent to the use of land in this case is absent,” explained the "court".

According to one of the Sevastopol lawyers, any gardens and parterres as well as unauthorized parking near apartment buildings are illegal.

“The surveying of lands around the apartment buildings has not yet begun. And all this land belongs to the city. Accordingly, to occupy any land section, one must obtain the city’s consent first. The easier way is to apply for land surveying or its design. Following the procedure, the land is considered attached to the house and owned by the residents of the apartment home. And they should apportion the lands at the general meeting under two-thirds vote. But now it is all illegal,” the lawyer said.

And while Ukrainian citizens on the mainland make flower beds, decorate the outdoor territories and even hold the local contests for the best yard design, the people on the uncontrolled peninsula are punished for that.

Photo: Internet