On the platform a citizen of Sebastopol Alexander Makarov created a petition asking to make the access to the sea available in Chersonese.

–  Many generations of Sebastopol citizens grew up swimming at   Chersonese beaches (and, by the way, cleaning the litter and maintaining order there.) The prohibition against bathing at Chersonese beaches contravenes the law of Russian Federation (which includes basic law – the Constitution of Russian Federation), creates unwanted tension among the locals and disgruntlement over the powers, - the petition reads.

The petition, which is now signed by 200 people, will be directed to the President of Russian Federation as well as to the Ministry for Culture.

Commenting on the petition concerned citizens of Crimea write that Chersonese is a property of the people and not a private territory.

– Depriving  Sebastopol citizens of the opportunity to bathe in Chersonese is in fact an outrageous act against people’s values and traditions. It is similar to breaking into one’s apartment and impudently taking away the family valuables treasured by generations in the presence of the owners. Stop abusing the citizens of Sebastopol, - Andrey Naumenko orders.

–  I indorse, because people have always swam at Chersonese beach. The average  temperature in the shade goes up to 30-34 degrees , and shutting down water resources is like death for locals, workers and sightseers of Chersonese and it is treated as abusing to people. As this was made by the newly affluent classes, but not by locals, who have swam in Chersonese from everlasting, - Natalya Pereferkovych wrote.

–  If we Sevastopol  citizens are deprived  of democratic rights and age-old traditions, we will go away... " Crimea  is Ours ", - says Ghosh Nelohankin.

As QHA reported earlier, armed law enforcement officials drove off the resting people from the Chersonese beach on July 9. Judging by the video which appeared on YouTube, the tourists were resting near the sea, when the  police officers came and roughly ordered to leave the seaside.

Representatives of Russian security agencies commenting on this occurrence stated that they were acting in line with the Statutes and their actions had no infractions of a law.

It should be reminded that the access to sea at the territory of Chersonese open-air museum has been closed since the end of June.

PHOTO: Internet