(QHA) -

Crimean Tatars, attending mourning meeting May 18 in Simferopol, will have to pass through metal detector, Russian Interior Ministry’s press-service informed.

"It is not allowed to carry big items, sharps, traumatic weapons, aerosol cans, as well as alcohol and other drinks along with all kinds of liquids in any package" – reads the statement.

It was also reported, traffic restrictions to be imposed in Simferopol on May 18.

“Central Sevastopolskaya and Kirova Streets of Simferopol will be closed from 6 AM till 6 PM. Traffic on those streets will be allowed to special vehicles only. Public transport will move along parallel streets and routes ", - the statement reads.

This year Crimea marks 70th anniversary of Crimean Tatar deportation.

Annual mourning May 18 meeting, commemorating victims of Crimean Tatar deportation, gathers dozens of thousands Crimean Tatars.