The main task of the new formation will be to conduce to the return of occupied Crimea and help Crimean residents who fight in the ranks of different Ukraine battalions in the ATO area.

The idea to create a women's battalion was advanced by a migrant from Crimea Haide Rizaeva, an activist of Euromaidan, reported the "Komsomolskaya Pravda."

- Given the name of the battalion, currently enrolling people are not indifferent to the problem of the Crimean Tatars and Crimea. I would not like to disclose certain facts, but there are people who despite being enrolled in our battalion, will reside in Crimea in order to conduct some work there. First of all, our task is to participate in the de-occupation of Crimea. But while we don’t have such an opportunity, we will help those who are fighting in Ukraine now, said Haide Rizaeva.

According to the activist, as of now they are selecting the future members of the battalion. Following that, the documentation on the batallion creation will be submitted to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

- Only over the past day we have received plenty of applications. But we cannot enroll all the applicants. We must make sure in everyone’s patriotism and commitment to Ukraine. We understand that there will be attempts to enroll those who will "spill" the information, so we are screening the candidates, said the Crimean resident.

Photo: Internet