The event was held within Crimea SOS project to support civic initiatives of internally displaced persons and their integration into the local community.

The visitors were told about importance of this drink for Crimean Tatars and subtle details and nuances of coffee making according to their traditions.

Volodymyr Tymchuk,  author of 'Bakhchisarai. 2021', also attended the event. 

"As soon as I heard about the master class, I immediately decided to go there, because I am interested in culture of Crimean Tatars, like any other citizen of Lviv. Now, they are new people in Lviv, and we should lean more about each other. After all, our nations are close in spirit, and we are all patriots of our country. Crimean Tatars had their own state for five centuries, which was very advanced in terms of science, culture, traditions. However, Ukrainians know almost nothing about this nation. I believe that now the Crimean Tatar culture is experiencing a revival. And we should not miss this time," said the writer in his interview with a QHA correspondent.

Lenur Abibullayev, one of the organizers of the project, shared the information about the event:

"In such a way, we decided to tell a little bit about themselves to  residents of Lviv. After all, the culture of making coffee in very important to both Crimean Tatars, and Lviv residents. We addressed to Crimea SOS organization and they supported our initiative and helped to realize it."