The number of cases when officials deprive legal owners of their plots is mushrooming in Crimea. Several Crimean Tatars have faced a similar problem, Lutfi Karakash told the QHA (Crimean News Agency). The woman’s brother Abdul Karakash became a victim of a land grab by officials in the Fountains district, Simferopol city.

- My brother said he was contacted by people whose plots also have been seized and allocated to some strangers and found out that other Crimean Tatars fall victims to these illegal actions as well. This tendency is gathering pace all over Crimea. Two or three months ago I heard about similar cases and just in a month we have faced the same problem.

According to the victim’s sister, the problem can take a massive scale since many Crimean residents in particular Crimean Tatars were not able to put their houses into operation.

- The problem remains. All these land issues ought to be tackled at the highest level. Many people have been left with only first court rulings. The problem will linger unless government takes some non-standard decision. People have built houses and can neither put them into operation, nor register their children, relatives. These problems are still in the air and no one solves them, said Lutfi Karakash.

According to her, people should write a collective appeal to the government since "the land issues are neither discussed nor submitted to the agenda."

- There are "summer house amnesties" that can ease the process. But, unfortunately, we have not faced any reliefs. Litigations take a lot of money. People cannot build houses! And despite having no opportunity to build houses for such a long time, they have need to litigate ... So what to do? To litigate or to build, said Abdul Karakash's sister.

The litigation between Abdul Karakash, owning the land in Fountains district the city of Simferopol, and new-sprung "masters" is continuing. Dec.18, during the trial at the Simferopol Central District Court, the businessmen, who seized the land, provided only copies of the documents permitting land allocation. The victim’s lawyer is demanding original documents. The next hearing is scheduled for January.

Abdul Karakash was also denied to launch criminal proceedings against businessmen who grabbed his land.

The elderly Crimean Tatar Abdul Karakash is being deprived of land with unfinished house on the territory. As it turned out, the plot at Dulber, 8, was bought by a businessman to constract an eight-storey dormitory. There is nothing else to do but guess how he could "buy" the legally-owned property of another person. New-sprung "owners" have already started site works – damaged a concrete foundation, cut down trees. And all this is despite court’s prohibition to conduct there any works. A woman, who represents the businessmen’s interests, is conducting the process.