(QHA) -

Crimean Tatars make only 30 per cent of Crimean refugees who left the peninsula after its annexation, the rest are Ukrainian soldiers.

More than a half of refugees who moved to Ukrainian capital Kyiv or western city of Lviv are employees.

Coordinator for refugees of coordination Rada of Maidan Gaide Rizayeva announced this in her interview to BTB.

"It should be noted that about a half of the refugees are entrepreneurs. These are people who for the past 5-10 years owned trading places, restaurants and cafes on the southern coast of Crimea. And now they faced the fact that they can not continue their work, because they are refused to extend the lease or something. I have checked this information- she said. People say there is no opportunity to work in Crimea, so they made a decision to settle down in Kyiv or Lviv.”- She added.

To recall, Crimea was annexed by Russia in March.

According to official data, more than 7000 thousand of Crimeans had to leave the peninsula to mainland Ukraine amid the annexation.