Crimean Tatar family, that recently moved to Crimea, cannot get a transport box, it had sent from Uzbekistan to Simferopol. The officials in Crimea demand them to take Russian citizenship first.

If the process is delayed for a few months, they will have to pay about 12 thousand euros fine for their transport box standstill.

Commenting the situation, head of Republic Committee of Crimea on International Affairs and Deportees Dmitriy Sumulidi said the situation is impossible.

“It is impossible. For example, I am Russian citizen who sent a transport box to Nicaragua. On arriving there I show my passport and want my load back. Can you imagine, they demand me to take Nicaraguan citizenship before giving the load? That is impossible.”- he said.

According to him, transport box should be given with those documents that were used when sending the load.

To recall, following the Crimea’s annexation, citizens of the region now have to take Russian citizenship.

Thousands of Crimeans have already applied to get Russian passports, while the others preferred to remain citizens of Ukraine.