(QHA) - Crimean Tatars are among the three nationalities that are the most discriminated in Ukraine. The head of "Democratic Initiatives" Fund Yulia Tishenko claimed this at the press-club "Discrimination in Ukraine: the public mood and politics of power" that was held in Simferopol. Opinion poll was conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology all over Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on September 6-27, 2013. As reported, Moldovans are the first in the list, with Hungarians being the second ones. According to the expert, 15% of Ukrainians faced the discrimination. Moreover, about 52,6% of Ukraine citizens feel discrimination on the basis of financial position (rich-poor). The sociological survey shows that 78% of respondents don’t know about the law "On the principles of preventing and combating discrimination in Ukraine" that came into force in 2012. Organizers of the press club stressed that more than one year after the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine, its existence is known only to 18.7% of the citizens, who are not familiar with the law. Note: On September 6, 2012 the Law of Ukraine "On Principles of Prevention and combating discrimination in Ukraine" came into force. The law defines legal and organizational principles of preventing and combating discrimination in order to ensure equal opportunities regarding the rights and freedoms of a citizen.