(QHA) -

Russia’s media watchdog the Roskomnadzor has not registered Crimean Tatar newspaper “Yany Dunya” as Russian media yet.

Chief Editor of the newspaper Zera Bekirova told Crimean News Agency, that despite of the fact that the application to Roskomnadzor was filed 2 weeks ago, they got no response from the watchdog yet.

“The Roskomnadzor has not registered “Yany Dunya” yet, so we have no legal right to publish our newspaper starting from April 1. I have already appealed to State Committee on Interethnic Affairs and Deported Citizens, which is the founder of the newspaper and called to the Roskomnadzor, asking how this can be happening?”- Bekirova said.

“Yany Dunya” Chief Editor went on saying that it was planned April 2 to release a special issue of the newspaper dedicated to the conference about participating of Crimean Tatars in the World War II.

Bekirova noted that she hopes the newspaper will be registered and intends to fight till the end, adding there are some of 3000 subscribers to the “Yany Dunya” in Crimea.

In 2018 the newspaper will mark 100th anniversary of its founding, so it was planned to open a museum of “Yany Dunya” to learn its history, the editors and poets who had worked for the newspaper.

To recall, Crimean Tatar media, including Crimean News Agency, Crimean Tatar only channel ATR, children chanel Lale and Meydan FM station were denied a license from the Roskomnadzor to operate in Russia. The media is likely to stop operating in Crimea April 1.